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Mrs. O's Policies

About our Services

All our services are billed after the service is provided

We work all hours of the day. Services at night Commercial clean from 8pm to 6am will be charged at time and the half.

Our office hours are from 9am to 4pm. Call us at (207) 518-0401

Mrs. O's and its employees have the right to deny any service which is illegal or where the employee feels immoral towards.

Mrs. O's reserves the right to bring in a third party to help complete your service if needed.

Scheduling & Cancellation         

Scheduling can be done over Email or Phone

call us at 207-5180401 or Email us info@mrs-os.com

Starting January 1st, 2020, Mrs. O’s Service Company will be raising prices and changing the cancellation policy. This is our first price increase in three years.


This will enable us to continue being an attractive work place and still deliver a quality service at a fair price. 

Employees at Mrs. O’s Service Company are paid higher than the minimum wage. We strive to take care of our employees and ensure that they make a living wage. All our full time workers are offered Health Care, Dental, Vision, Life insurance,  401K, Paid time-Off, and drive time. 


Cancellations impact our employee's lives and schedules.



The cancellation policy will now be a 24 hour notice. All bookings that are not cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time and date will be charged 50% of the negotiated fee. This applies to all services that we provide. Implementing this policy will allow us to provide service for those on a waiting list, as well as lessens the impact of loss of wages for our employees.



Mrs. O's is fully insured by All-State. For questions or concerns please reach out to us via info@mrs-os.com


Payment will be done in cash, checks, paypal and square system after the service or Mrs. O's will invoice you. Invoices are due 30 days from date of service. When working with commercial cleaning or party planning payment methods can be discussed. (Amount larger than $500 paid via check or direct desposit) 

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