Mrs. o's Review: 

Wendy .G Januray 20

Airbnb Cleaning 

They are very professional and thorough! We’ve been using them for years and get many comments from our oceanfront rental guests about the cleanliness.

Susan. W May 19

Airbnb Cleaning 

Mrs. O's group has done a tremendous job cleaning our rental cottages! Aside from their friendliness and the clear communication with Liz, Mrs. O's group is adaptable and thorough in everything that they do. It is a great sense of security having Mrs. O's take care of our property

Deborah .K May 19

Weekly cleaning

Great communication, friendly, hard working team, environmentally sensitive products--fabulous!

Deborah. M Marchc 18 

Weekly cleaning 

Tonya and Amber are wonderful.
They do a great job and are so nice I can barely stand it.

Rebekah C january 19

Deep Clean 

My husband surprised me for my birthday and got Mrs. O’s to clean our home while I was away! They did such a great job! My tub looks brand new again. My kitchen and living room are shining. My bedroom looks like it hasn’t been inhabited ever (the way it should look in my opinion!). And my daughter’s room looks so neat and tidy! They clearly used great discretion knowing what to put away and what to leave out. I didn’t feel at all like “someone was in my home, where is my stuff” like you can sometimes feel with certain styles of cleaning company.

I am so happy with Mrs. O’s and will definitely use this business again in the future!

Thank you!

Jennifer .J March 18

Dog help 

If you need something that isn't listed on their website, ask! We found Mrs. O's when we were looking for a service to pick up dog waste. We took a chance, contacted them and asked. The Mrs. O's folks not only do that weekly for us, they also do regular house cleaning and have done a deep clean for us. Mrs. O's is awesome!

Shuan J. June 9, 2018

Biweekly cleanings

I cannot say enough positive things about this company. They are professional, communicative, and trustworthy. Tonya has led the crew that has cleaned for the past two visits and they have done an amazing job. Their attention to detail and cleaning items that other cleaners have overlooked is much appreciated. Having someone who can help take care of our home with our busy schedules is a huge relief.

Linda S. Jun 15, 2016

House Cleaning

Mrs.O's is always on time, is flexible regarding tasks and time. Always courteous and a great smile. I highly recommend Mrs.O's.

Ed M. April 2018

Construction cleaning

Can not say enough good things about these ladies. They came in after a renovation I had finished and they totally cleaned everything! They are the undisputed Queens of clean. Thanks

Mariah O. Aug 28, 2017

House Cleaning

I'm a part time stay at home mom of three so it's hard to keep up with the house so I hired mrs o's and I'm very satisfied!

Gail G. Jun 7, 2016

House Cleaning

She responded to my request right away and did

an outstanding job deep cleaning a home I purchased - I will continue to have her clean on an ongoing basis. Went the extra mile, a pleasure to work with.

Ruth N. Aug 21, 2016

Move-in or Move-out Cleaning

I needed someone to clean my house before listing it for sale. I'm not even certain why I went to Thumbtack, but I believe it was because it had reviews. Mrs O's service is AMAZING! Just wish I had found them years ago! On time, pleasant, more than reasonable for price! They made the house sparkle!! I even had them do the windows! I recommend them wholeheartedly!!!

Charlotte M. Oct 10, 2015


Liz did a fab job of organizing my kitchen and then deep cleaning it. I highly recommend her.