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Inside window washing

Outside window washing 

Solar panels washing

What is a Water Fed Pole System (WFPS)?

A Water Fed Pole System is a long extendable pole with a brush head. Inside the pole a pump system dispenses purified water on demand. The water and the brush are all that are needed to clean dust, dirt, leaves, pollen and other elements from exterior windows. After cleaning, the windows are left to naturally dry. No chemical are being used just purified water, safe for any plants and flowers surrounding the house, apartment, or building. The WFPS is intended for OUTSIDE windows ONLY.

Mrs O's 

Outside Window Washing prices:

(Using WFPS)

House Size: 

  • S. $ 95 
  • M. $105
  • L. $115
  • XL. $125
  • XXL. $135
  • Super size Quote 

(Your Skylights windows are included in the price) 

Mrs O's 

Inside window washing prices:

House Size:

  • S. $115
  • M. $130
  • L. $145
  • XL.  $165
  • XXL.  $185
  • Super size Quote
  • $2 per screen using our screen cleaner

(As a rule of thumb - the inside windows will take longer to clean. The cost of getting them clean is typical about 20% more expensive than the outside windows)

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Solar panels washing / cleaning.

  • Drive fee $25
  • price $5 per panel
  • Screens $2 per screen .  

  **Please note that in New England it is common for salt and hard water to leave mineral deposits on window glass.  These deposits can cause spots, stains, and a coating that cannot be washed off.**