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Who is Mrs. O? Mrs. O is not wonder woman, but she's pretty darn close. She cleans homes, drives, party plans, flips rentals, gives tours of the Maine coast, walks dogs, organizes closets and teaches yoga. If you're looking for any of these things and more, Mrs. O's does it all. It might seem like a lot, but our company's motto is "Our Mission is to Make Your Life A Bit Easier." We're willing to do what we can to achieve that.

Check the blog often to see what we're up to! We are quite busy, hope you can keep up!

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Yelp instagram 6/15/2020

!MEET THE OWNERS! We love local. We love maine. And we love featuring local Maine Business owners. This week meet Liz and Nikoline Ostergaard, the face behind Mrs. O's Service Company...

What they do? "We are a mother/daughter owned service company with offices in West Bath and Portland. Our mission is to help make lives easier. We found that most people are so busy with their work and family obligations that it can be a struggle to get everything done. That is where Mrs. O's steps in and lends a hand. We offer many services to our clients: cleaning, organization, window cleaning, party planning, errand running, shopping, and even dog walking." 

Why they love Maine? "We moved to Maine from Denmark in 2010. We had a summer house here and family who lived closed by. We thought it would be a great experience to live in a different country just for a year. We fell in love and one year turned into a decade.  Maine has so much to offer: amazing local restaurants, unique small businesses, beautiful nature, and friendly hard working people."

How things have changed?  "We have gone through many changes since Covid-19 and we believe that there are still more changes to come. Cleaning has become more essential than ever and instead of being a luxury it has morphed into a necessity for health reasons. We have developed new guidelines within the company to insure the safety of our clients as well as our employees. We are a green cleaning company, but now also provide stronger CDC approved products. We have spent much of our time during this pandemic educating ourselves as well as our staff on new guidelines and better cleaning protocols. We are also in the middle of restructuring and developing a better training program so we are stronger and more efficient when we get on the other side of this epidemic. Another change we have seen is an increase in our errand running and shopping services due to the the virus."