Mrs. O's specializes in organization and decluttering as well as cleaning homes! We help you get individual spaces such as a closet, a pantry, or a kitchen decluttered and organized.  We also offer whole house organizational help.

Mrs. O's Organizers are inspired by by Marie Kondo. The way she appreciates each item for what it is and respects the meaning it has to a person. Its Truly a beautiful thing.


$30/hour for one person crew

$50/hour for two person crew

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Do you have issues with storage? Hang it! It’s a simple, easy and cheap solution!  You can use hangers, fancy hooks, plain hooks, nails, tacks, and so much more. Hanging keeps things organized and easy to locate. Please note your closet will look neater if the hangers are all the same color and type!


Put a label on it! Believe us, this will make your life easier. Everyone in your household will know where things belong. There are all types of label makers on the market.  If you are not sure if you want to spend the money on one, then start with washi tape and a sharpie or some stickers or gift tags. Chalkboard paint is also a great way to label things especially since it can always be erased and written on again. 


Shelving is a simple way to organize your home. Getting stuff off the floor gives your space the illusion that there is less stuff. There are many different shelving systems in every price range.  Some stores to check out are Ikea, Amazon, West Elm, Wayfair or the Container store. These Ikea wood boxes that I painted white only cost me $12.


The number one place to do this is in the kitchen. Bulky and boxed food products take up a lot of room in cabinets. Remove food products from their original packaging and put them in glass or plastic containers. This will give you more space, keep the food fresher and allow you to see what you have and what you may need.


This concept is based on thinking like a store owner. When you walk into a store everything is organized and easy to find.  Group like with like and this includes all the items in your house: your clothes, purses, shoes and even food items together. Place shoes in one area and t-shirts in another. Once you have done this take it one step further and break it down more. Maybe organize your blouses by color, style or season.


Carts are good for parties (think beverage station), storing toys, or, my favorite, a moveable work space. Since the carts have wheels they are easy to move into a corner or another room.  Some of Mrs. O's favorites are coffee station carts, gift wrapping carts, sweet tooth carts, or carts used as storage for mittens & winter hats.