Meet the crew

Mrs.O's wonderful Crew

Name: Kelly

What do you like the most about working at Mrs.O’s Service Company?

Seeing all of the beautiful houses we clean and making them even more gorgeous.

Name: Mandy

What your favorite cleaning product?

I have a good eye with the vacuum but I would have to say spraying the organic freshener!

Name: Signe Isabel Ammentorp Ostergaard


3 fun facts about Signe:

1. I live with two of the employees from the company.

2. I grew up in Denmark 

3.  Mr.Os herself gave birth to me ;)


Name: Charlotte

How did you hear about Mrs. O’s?

Mrs.O's Is my sister

What do you like the most aboutworking at Mrs.O’s Service Company?

I LOVE leaving a place cleaner than we found it!

Name: Allie 

3 fun facts about Allie:

1. I Play Basketball at UNE 

2. I'm becoming a Nurse  

3.  I have a cat