Meet the crew

Making your life a bit easier

Mrs.O's wonderful Crew

Name: Kelly

What do you like the most about working at Mrs.O’s Service Company?

Seeing all of the beautiful houses we clean and making them even more gorgeous.

Name: Mandy

What your favorite cleaning product?

I have a good eye with the vacuum but I would have to say spraying the organic freshener!

Name: Signe Isabel Ammentorp Ostergaard


3 fun facts about Signe:

1. I live with two of the employees from the company.

2. I grew up in Denmark 

3.  Mr.Os herself gave birth to me ;)





What do you like the most about working at Mrs.O’s Service Company?

Mrs. O’s makes one feel like wonder woman. Mrs. O’s takes into account working people and will fit the person cleaning with the client’s needs/dates/times of service. They also are never far from complimenting one’s work and work ethic. I was made to feel welcome from the beginning and enjoy working for a company who cares.

Name: Charlotte

How did you hear about Mrs. O’s?

Mrs.O's Is my sister

What do you like the most aboutworking at Mrs.O’s Service Company?

I LOVE leaving a place cleaner than we found it!

Name: Ashley 

Whats your favorite cleaning product: 

All Natural Method cleaner

Name: Allie 

3 fun facts about Allie:

1. I Play Basketball at UNE 

2. I'm becoming a Nurse  

3.  I have a cat

Name: Bri


3 fun facts about Bri:

1. I do Photography 

2. I Make good Caramel  

3.  I have a room for my make up

Name: Val 

Whats your favorite part about working at Mrs. O's: 

the Customer. I love talking to thecustomers and getting to know them.