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About Us

Mrs. O's Story

Denmark was ranked #1 on the United Nations, “World Happiness Report 2013.”

After marrying my Danish husband and living in Denmark for over twenty years, I arrived back to the states with a household of seven, including 5 teenagers (2 of whom were exchange students) and no extended family to help me. I quickly realized that after twenty years of living out of the United States that it was difficult to work, raise children, run a household and complete daily errands. In Denmark, the average work week is thirty-three hours as well as five weeks of vacation per year. This provides Danes and their families more leisure time. Leisure time is an extensive part of Danish culture. It allows families to spend time together.

My idea for “Mrs. O’s” grew from the discovery of just how much needs to get done in any given day and how little time there is to do it. Denmark is a small country so extended family is typically close by - they're able to help whether it be running errands, babysitting, or checking in on elderly family members - whereas in the United States families tend to be more spread out.

Creating Mrs. O’s is an attempt to help people both young and old. We will take on any job whether it is running errands, party planning, cleaning, walking your dog or driving you to an appointment.  We take the place of extended family and bring more time back into people’s lives. Mrs. O’s staff will gladly take over some of your jobs so that you will have more time to spend with your family, friends or doing things you love.