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Have you ever just looked around your living space and wondered how did I accumulate all of these possessionsDo I need everything here?  What should I do about items of sentimental value?  How do I know what is and isn’t valuable?  How much will this cost?  Is it worth it?

Mrs. O's specializes in organization and decluttering as well as cleaning homes! We help you get individual spaces such as a closet, a pantry, or a kitchen decluttered and organized.  We also offer whole house organizational help.


$30/hour for one person crew

$50/hour for two person crew

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Charlotte M. Oct 10, 2015


Liz did a fab job of organizing my kitchen and then deep cleaning it. I highly recommend her.

Mrs. O's Organizers are inspired by by Marie Kondo. The way she appreciates each item for what it is and respects the meaning it has to a person. Its Truly a beautiful thing.