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Who is Mrs. O? Mrs. O is not wonder woman, but she's pretty darn close. She cleans homes, drives, party plans, flips rentals, gives tours of the Maine coast, walks dogs, organizes closets and teaches yoga. If you're looking for any of these things and more, Mrs. O's does it all. It might seem like a lot, but our company's motto is "Our Mission is to Make Your Life A Bit Easier." We're willing to do what we can to achieve that.

Check the blog often to see what we're up to! We are quite busy, hope you can keep up!

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Storage playBook

Seven super easy ways to storage  your goods the most efficiently way that fits the style of your home



Make areas easier to clean?

Owning a cleaning company has taught me many different things BUT the number one thing is how to make areas easier to clean. If things are organized it is much easier to clean a space. It does not have to cost much to organize the smaller items in your home. One of the biggest hacks today is to use  recyclable jars.




This blog is all about cleaning hacks! Below are five cleaning hacks that we have found helpful in our cleaning adventures.

Baking sod?, White vinegar? Shower squeegee? Olive Oil?



30min Weekend Clean

No time to clean? Here are five things to clean in your kitchen this weekend that will take less than 30min.

Easy everyday Organization Keys

Mrs.O’s truly believes if your home, workspace and life is organized you will be happier and experience less stress. There have been many different studies supporting this statement!

Here are a few suggestions we live by to make our day-to-day life a little bit easier!