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Making your life a bit easier

Mrs.O's TIPS

It does not have to cost much to organize the smaller items in your home. One of the biggest hacks today is to use  recyclable jars. These jars can be purchased in all shapes and sizes.  I prefer to use glass jars that I already have around the house. I usually use nut butter or jam jars but you can also use glass containers from old candles. As well as being inexpensive, glass jars are easy to clean. Just throw into the dishwasher when they start to look dusty or grimy.

Clutter free counters

Number one reason why I put my toiletries in jars is to keep my counters clutter free. It is easy to grab the jar filled with them items I need use it and then return it to a drawer or cabinet. Less stuff on counters the better off you are!

More organized

The second reason, I love jars is they will help keep all your small items organized. Group items together by color or style and your space will look neat and orderly. 

Easier to find your stuff

The third reasons is a GLASS jar allows you to see what you have - no more hunting around for tweezers or a hair elastic. Since they are clear I can easily see what each jar contains - no need to label!

 Efficiency is everything!

My fourth and last reason is when I finally have time to clean my bathroom I like it to go smoothly and quickly. If you have a lot of stuff on your counters it takes longer to clean. I hate wasting time on unnecessary things.  Efficiency is key in today‚Äôs world!  So fewer things on the counter makes you a faster cleaner.