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Mrs. O's easy everyday Organzation Keys

  1. Make Fewer Purchases ..

Tour your home! Look around and make a mental note of all the things you do not use. Just think how much space you would have without all that stuff.  Stop the random shopping or impulse buying!

Before you purchase ask yourself:

Do I already own something that I can use instead?

Do I have place for it in my house?

Do I have time to take care of it?

-Will it make my life better?

Will it make my life easier?

Can I afford it?

A great habit to get into is to walk away and give yourself a day think about it before making a purchase.

  1. Establish Habits..

         If you establish daily habits it will make everything in your life run a bit smoother. Keep your keys the same place, always hang up your coat, start the dishwasher at night/empty in the morning and make your bed each morning.

Locate place in Maine to Donate:


The salvation Army

Habitat for Humanity Restore

  1. Use organization tools..

There are so many inexpensive tools out there to help you organize your home. But before you buy go through your stuff and sort, donate, and throw.  Ikea is one of my favorite places to look for storage items along with the Container Store. Both places have great ideas on how to organize different things. For more organization ideas check out our playbook blog

Locate Consignment or Thrift stores In Brunswick, ME

Its all good upscale


The Consignment loft of Brunswick


  1. Donate or recycle..

unwanted/un-used items

You do not need three of everything. Donate it! Give it away! Even gifts you never will use..Let someone else have the pleasure of using it!

Locate Consignment or Thrift Stores In Portland, ME

The sock Shack

Maine Wicked goods Mercantile

Everchanging Seasons Consignment

Little Ghost