Geneon Fogging Machine


Fogging Machine

We are Excited to introduce Mrs. O's Newest Service: Geneon Fogging Machine 

What is a Geneon Fogging Machine? 

The Mist Fogger/Blower allows for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting large open areas without the need for direct surface contact. Allowing you to clean large, open and hard to reach areas without the need for direct surface contact or harmful chemicals, thus providing an attainable and sustainable solution for any organization where health and public safety from germs and bacteria is a concern.

Where to use the mister? 

The Geneon Fogging machine can pretty much be used in any area; 

Schools, Universities, Daycares, Janitorial, Environmental Service, Veterinary, Food Service, Ambulances, Medical/Healthcare, Commercial Food Production, Dairy Production, Hospitality/Lodging, Buses, Trains, Cruise Ships, and many more.


$50.00 per 500 square feet